Joker (2019) Movie Review [NO SPOILERS]

Damn Joker movie. It did not disappoint. I actually had a doubt at first that it was just brought up to a hype, but no – the movie is worth recommending.

I am not a filmmaker, but I consider myself having high standards when it comes to movies. I will only speak as an audience and this is just my personal review and opinion.

Joaquin Phoenix did a really great job on the portrayal of The Joker – the acting, the dancing, oh please give this man an award.  The producers and director did an excellent job on selecting the best score (music/soundtrack), camera angles, shots, and transitions for an immersive movie experience for the audience. In this movie, you’ll see the very point of view of The Joker that’ll make you realize how important it is to always consider knowing the different sides of any story.

This is a movie that you don’t just have a seat and watch. This movie has art and aesthetics that must be immensely experienced.

I give the Joker movie a 10/10.