About Me

Hi, I’m Em Dangla, 27 years old, from Manila, Philippines.

Education and Work

I am a full-time freelancer doing many sorts of things from Software Project Management, Software Quality Assurance / Testing, and recently this year 2015, I started taking clients looking for Virtual Assistance. You’ll find a complete list of services that I offer in the Services Offered page.

dlsu logoIn year 2008, I graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with specialization in Software Technology at De La Salle University – Manila. In year 2014, I started taking up Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) major in Entrepreneurship at the University of Santo Tomas – Graduate School. I finished my first year already, but had to halt my studies. I hope to continue my MBA sometime in the second half of year 2016.

gameloft-logoI started freelancing in October 2009 when Upwork was still oDesk. My freelancing before was only a part-time, because I also had a regular job. My regular jobs were more in-line with my Bachelor’s Degree. I took my on-the-job training as a programmer with Pixelstream Corporation, became Anino Game’s (now Playlab) programmer, became Gameloft Philippine’s first Game Producer, and Boomzap‘s Game Tester to mention some. In the freelancing world, I was given the chance to share my other skill and passion, which is drawing– Graphics Design and Illustration.

I had to stop freelancing when I joined First Million Services, Inc. (FMS) helping them start up their company operations until it became fully operational. I was initially assigned as a Mobile Apps Project Manager, but had a quick transition to becoming the company’s Chief Operations Officer. It was a challenging role that I had to start considering taking up an MBA. Many (young) professionals dream of becoming a part of a company’s Top Management, and I was given the privilege to become one at an early age of 23 years old.

I was with FMS for more than 2 years already, but decided to go back to the freelance world as I felt this suites me better. I’m still happy with this decision. Currently, I continue to provide my services to different clients, getting things DONE and making them happy.


redlightsI love to sing. I’d always say yes to a karaoke-invite, unless of course there are more important things to do. I was a member of the independent pop-rock band, Redlights, as a lead singer. I consider myself a shy-type, but my confidence gets boosted when I know I have to sing in front of people, on stage.

suikoden iiI am a gamer. Although maybe not a hardcore one, I’ve been an active (MMO)RPG player since I was a kid. To mention some of my favorites or those unforgettable ones, these are Suikoden II (Play Station), Counter Strike (PC), Battle Realms (PC), Ragnarok (PC), Perfect World (PC), World of Warcraft (PC), Diablo II (PC), Guild Wars II (PC), and Clash of Clans (iOS/Android).

This Website

I created this website as a place for my blog, my portfolio, the list of services I offer, client testimonials, way to contact me for the first time (through the Contact Form).