M1 World Championship 2019 – Groupings

The first-ever Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship that features 14 different countries is about to happen! And today, they just recently drew the groupings of each 16 teams.

  • Group Stage: Nov 11-14, 2019
  • Main Event: Nov 15-17, 2019

M1 Groupings.png

Group A

1. Evos Esports (Singapore)

2. RRQ (Indonesia)


3. Impunity KH (Cambodia)


4. VEC Fantasy Main (Vietnam)


Group B

1. Burmese Ghouls (Myanmar)

Burmese Ghouls

2. Axis Esports (Malaysia)


3. Candy Comeback (Laos)

Comeback Candy

4. Team Gosu (US)

Team Gosu

Group C

1. Sunsparks (Philippines)


2. Todak (Malaysia)


3. Geo Esports (Brazil)


4. Evil Esports (Turkey)

Evil Esports

Group D

1. Evos Legends (Indonesia)

Evos ID

2. Onic Esports (Philippines)


3. Deus Vult (Russia)

Deus Vult

4. 10S Gaming Plus (Japan)

Team Information

From Pool 1: MPL Invited Teams

1. Evos Esports (Singapore) – champion from MPL MYSG
2. Evos Legends (Indonesia) – MPL ID champion’;very recently won MPL ID (momentum advantage)
3. Sunsparks (Philippines) – MPL PH champion
4. Burmese Ghouls (Myanmar) – MPL MM champion; members have flexible roles

From Pool 2: MPL Invited Teams

1. RRQ (Indonesia) – been present for a long time (well-experienced)
2. Onic Esports (Philippines)
3. Axis Esports (Malaysia) – Top 3 MPL Malaysia
4. Todak (Malaysia)

From Pool 3: Regional Qualifiers

1. Impunity KH (Cambodia) – comes-and-go in the MLBB scene
2. VEC Fantasy Main (Vietnam) – pretty new team
3. Candy Comeback (Laos) – lower player win rates compared to other teams
4. Team Gosu (US) – had a phenomenal 4v5 gameplay
5. Geo Esports (Brazil)
6. Evil Esports (Turkey) 
7. Deus Vult (Russia) – unique rotation
8. 10S Gaming Plus (Japan)

Watch the replay of the livestream draw here:

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