Lanes & Roles Comparison of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, and League of Legends: Wild Rift

Curious how the laning and roles differ on these mobile MOBA games? If you’re a newbie on some of these, or just pretty much excited about Wild Rift, you have to check this out. These are all MOBA games, but they have some differences in terms of mechanics and how the meta works for each of these games. The closest mobile MOBA game that we can compare to Wild Rift in terms of mechanics is AOV.

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M1 World Championship 2019 – Groupings

The first-ever Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship that features 14 different countries is about to happen! And today, they just recently drew the groupings of each 16 teams.

  • Group Stage: Nov 11-14, 2019
  • Main Event: Nov 15-17, 2019

M1 Groupings.png

Group A

1. Evos Esports (Singapore)

2. RRQ (Indonesia)


3. Impunity KH (Cambodia)


4. VEC Fantasy Main (Vietnam)


Group B

1. Burmese Ghouls (Myanmar)

Burmese Ghouls

2. Axis Esports (Malaysia)


3. Candy Comeback (Laos)

Comeback Candy

4. Team Gosu (US)

Team Gosu

Group C

1. Sunsparks (Philippines)


2. Todak (Malaysia)


3. Geo Esports (Brazil)


4. Evil Esports (Turkey)

Evil Esports

Group D

1. Evos Legends (Indonesia)

Evos ID

2. Onic Esports (Philippines)


3. Deus Vult (Russia)

Deus Vult

4. 10S Gaming Plus (Japan)

Team Information

From Pool 1: MPL Invited Teams

1. Evos Esports (Singapore) – champion from MPL MYSG
2. Evos Legends (Indonesia) – MPL ID champion’;very recently won MPL ID (momentum advantage)
3. Sunsparks (Philippines) – MPL PH champion
4. Burmese Ghouls (Myanmar) – MPL MM champion; members have flexible roles

From Pool 2: MPL Invited Teams

1. RRQ (Indonesia) – been present for a long time (well-experienced)
2. Onic Esports (Philippines)
3. Axis Esports (Malaysia) – Top 3 MPL Malaysia
4. Todak (Malaysia)

From Pool 3: Regional Qualifiers

1. Impunity KH (Cambodia) – comes-and-go in the MLBB scene
2. VEC Fantasy Main (Vietnam) – pretty new team
3. Candy Comeback (Laos) – lower player win rates compared to other teams
4. Team Gosu (US) – had a phenomenal 4v5 gameplay
5. Geo Esports (Brazil)
6. Evil Esports (Turkey) 
7. Deus Vult (Russia) – unique rotation
8. 10S Gaming Plus (Japan)

Watch the replay of the livestream draw here: