League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions

There’ll be 40 or 41 champions that’ll be part of the release, but these are the 36 confirmed so far. Here’s a graphic guide as well as a short description of each champion of the game League of Legends: Wild Rift (LoL Mobile).

LoL Mobile Champs

* Champions in the image are placed in the role where they are most commonly seen. A lot of these champions can be flexed into different roles. E.g., Yasuo (in PC version) used to be mostly used in the middle lane, now he’s mostly played in the bottom lane as a melee ADC.
* Below are very short introductory descriptions of the champions.
* Because my reach and fanbase are mostly mobile gamers, I share this quick guide for the perspective of mobile MOBA players who didn’t get a chance on playing LoL PC and wanting to learn and know more about LoL.


  1. Dr. Mundo – classic tank
  2. Fiora – classic, high skill capped warrior
  3. Garen – classic, cheap-to-buy champion, recommended for new players; similar to Arthur in AOV
  4. Malphite – classic tank with a very good engage ultimate
  5. Nasus – warrior that relies on stacking his melee ability
  6. Teemo – ranged, magic damage marksman; mostly played in the top lane
  7. Tryndamare – has an ultimate that makes him not able to die.


  1. Camille – can be played on top, mid, jungle; high skill capped assassin
  2. Gragas – magic damage, disengage, engage type of champion
  3. Master Yi – standard melee auto-attack champion, runs super fast
  4. Olaf – classic warrior, has an ultimate that can ignore crowd-control effects for a couple of seconds
  5. Shyvana – can turn into a dragon with her ultimate; good for counter jungling; decent jungle; can be played in the top lane
  6. Vi – gank-oriented jungle; has an ultimate that locks onto an enemy and knocks them up; does a lot of damage; viable in a lot of ways because of her kit
  7. Xin Zhao – has a skill where you have to hit an enemy 3x, and on the 3rd time enemy will be knocked up; classic gank-oriented jungler.


  1. Ahri – has dashes in her ultimate; high skill capped, high mobility mage
  2. Annie – standard mage recommended to new players; can cast her ultimate can stun and burn
  3. Fizz – an annoying champion to play against; throws out a little fish that spawns a shark below enemy that knocks up with a lot of damage; has a lot of invulnerability
  4. Lux – standard long-range mage; has a laser ultimate that has almost 1/3 of the map range; burst-oriented
  5. Orianna – has a unique mechanic to play with; a robot girl with a ball that she can command around her; she sends the ball and the rest of her abilities are tied to the ball
  6. Twisted Fate – a magician who can teleport across the map with his ultimate to gank; has a stun, has AOE slow, has mana regeneration
  7. Yasuo – high skill capped; can dash an infinite amount of time though minion waves; can be played in the bottom or top
  8. Zed – high skill capped assassin; creates shadows similar to Hayabusa in Mobile Legends; his ultimate makes him jump to an enemy through shadows; has shurikens
  9. Ziggs – annoying champion to play against with; poke type mage; has a very long-range ultimate that throws a huge bomb on top of enemies with AOE damage


  1. Alistar – similar to Toro (in AOV); good engage; very tanky; has damage reduction
  2. Blitzcrank – has a hook; can knock up, he can silence
  3. Braum – has a wall that he can set up that can absorb damage; has an ultimate that throws ice fissure than can knock up champion along the way
  4. Janna – classic support; can give shield for armor, attack damage; has an ultimate that can throw everyone away from her; has healing wind; has AOE knockup
  5. Nami – a mermaid that can knock up; can give buffs – slow/attack; has ultimate that throws huge tidal wave that is very long-range like 1/4 of the map – it’s very slow, but if it hits you it can knock up and slow
  6. Soraka – heal support; has global ultimate heal


  1. Ashe – has Yorn-like (AOV) long-range arrow
  2. Ezreal – has a very basic skill; he only has skill shots; ultimate is map-wide, can slow enemies; can almost spam abilities due to low CD if first ability hits; high skill capped
  3. Jhin – crit type; has a reload mechanic; his 4th shot in the magazine will always crit (similar to Granger in Mobile Legends); can have the highest AD or movement speed
  4. Jinx – has global ultimate, can shoot huge rocket across the map that if it hits an enemy, can deal a ton of damage; has 2 guns – 1: high attack speed, small range – 2: huge range bazooka, which costs mana, less attack speed, but AOE with crit (like Wisp in AOV)
  5. Miss Fortune – pirate girl; has ultimate similar to Capheny (AOV) but has to be channeled
  6. Varus – attack speed; can shred tanks, can be played in mid with burst abilities; huge poke can be charged
  7. Vayne – gain extra movement speed and attack damage; can dash small to dodge or chase; can go invisible; weak early game; but broken (overpowered) late game (ie, late-game champion)

Which champion are you most excited about?

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